About Smoothie Q Factory
Smoothie Q Factory is an extension of Quest Fitness Club located in three convenient locations. Two locations are in Jackson, Mississippi and the other is in Ridgeland, Mississippi. If one is interested in either a healthy meal replacement or a post workout snack, let us provide you with the best that money can offer.

Natural Fruit Used:

The types of fruit used to make our delicious smoothies include, strawberries, bananas, pineapples, raspberries, cherries, pomegranate, oranges, guava, and blueberries.

Types of Smoothies:

Smoothie Q Factory provides different types of smoothies to fit your needs. For example, for those who are into bulking and building lean muscle, we have a menu just for you! For others who want to trim that embarrassing waste line and burn fat, choose and option from either our Fresh Blends, Lite & Fit, or Fat Burners menu!  


201 Ring Rd.
       Ridgeland, MS 39157      
Phone: (601) 398-3670

1693 Lakeover Rd. 
Jackson, MS 39213   
Phone: (601) 982-7360

5225 Highway 18
Jackson, MS 39209    
Phone: (601) 983-3337